Thursday, April 9, 2015


I trust everyone had a wonderful Easter. We spent the day at this quaint hotel in Bothas Hill.. The Chantecler Hotel. We had lunch in the Zebra room, delicious food, and we were entertained by a lovely singer Sandy Lawrence. The  kiddies enjoyed a Easter egg hunt. Will definitely visit again.
I have been without Internet and phone line for 9 days. We phoned our Internet provider, we were given a reference number and told it will be sorted out soon. I phoned everyday from my cell phone and you know how frustrating it is when you have to listen to a recording and wait in a queue for an available operator..and wait and wait,.. well I just gave up and thought I wont pay the account maybe then they would do something. They finally came yesterday. When I questioned why the delay they were full of excuses. They checked everywhere and couldn't find where the fault was. they went into the street, climbed the telephone pole and fiddled there, then moved onto the next pole, then back inside to check -- still nothing. Eventually after 5pm  they came back and said it should work now as they have now connected us to the underground cable. Fingers crossed we dont have any more problems.

Here is my quilt top. Its now on my d/w. I look at it everyday and can't decide whether to hand quilt or machine quilt it.