Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Barn Dance

I am home after six weeks in the western cape looking after my daughters dog while she was away on business. Suzi was happy to see Bella again. They had fun on their daily walks to the dog park. My sons graduation ceremony was postponed from December last year to June due to two months of student protests about fees at UCT. Finally its all over. Then we all went to the George Benson concert. We love his music, everyone dancing and singing along. It was great!

Before I left, I prepared three applique blocks and pieces, popped them into plastic bags. So much easier when its all prepped. Then everyday sitting in the sun, sewing away. 

four of these

 Yesterday,I used a sponge and water to remove the blue marking and this happened. I quickly put it in the machine with a Dylon colour catcher and chucked the sponge never to be used again..
I think it was the rubbing motion instead of dabbing that caused it to bleed. In future I will just soak the whole block in cold water.

 I am doing Barn Dance by Robyn Falloon of Bon Bon Designs

 Those circles drove me round the bend ...I have since seen a lovely tutorial on Quiltsalott blog. This pattern has lots of circles. Forty more to make for the first border.

Despite all the circles I am enjoying this project

I have two more 30" blocks to prep and several weeks of Circa blocks to catch up on.