Saturday, July 31, 2010

Wednesday Thrift Find

I've had flu, it started with hubby, then my son so naturally it ended with me, but I am fine now.
When I saw  3 discoloured shoe boxes on the shelf in the thrift store I was curious to see what was inside and couldn't believe my eyes, I should have bought one box but nooo I bought all 3 for the ridiculous price of R5.00 per box. (One of the boxes is much bigger.) Some dear soul had painstakingly cut them all the same size and such a variety of colours,  etc. I wonder what she intended to make with them. After excitedly opening the first box and laying them on my cutting table in stacks of the same, then the second box, the table was now filling up. By the third box I was so overwhelmed that I just couldn't be bothered to separate the different colours, I was just plonking them anywhere I could find a space on the table - no wonder she gave them away!
What am I to do with these!!!  there are literally thousands of them!!!

some stacks have 50 of the same and some even more!
A circle quilt........or..........any ideas?!

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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Images of Sport Quilt Show

The Natal Quilters Guild hosted a quilt show with the theme " Images of Sport " to coincide with the Soccer World Cup. The show was held at Highbury in Hillcrest, it was a fun day for all with visiting sports personalities voting for their favourite quilt, lucky draw prizes, interactive quilts for children and dads,  sale stalls, refreshments etc. I arrived rather late, headed straight to the sale stalls, bought some lovely goodies then went off to admire the quilts. So many beautiful inspiring quilts, too many to show now but here are a few to enjoy.

click on photo to enlarge



notice the cue stick




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Friday, July 9, 2010

COLOUR in my Winter Garden

          Good luck to The Netherlands and Spain for the World Cup Soccer Final on Sunday.

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