Sunday, February 27, 2011


Allie  is encouraging us to make one gift a month. She has great links to gift ideas and tutorials and you might even win a prize :) 

I didn't finish January's project on time so this month I have two finishes. I made little wall hangings and instead of french knots I used red seed beads and on the green one I used bright multi coloured seed beads.
These lovely stitchery designs are free from Gail Pan Designs

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I used this fabric

Thursday, February 17, 2011


Around 5pm last night there was a lovely cool gentle breeze, so I decided to walk around the garden. My gardenia shrub had a few dried flower heads, I started pulling off a few when I saw a movement out of the corner of my eye - it was a snake. I turned and ran inside grabbed my camera and shouted to my husband to come see, and to identify it.
We hadn't seen one like it before, it looked like one of the dried branches. He went off to google it and came back quietly telling me to "get inside".
It is a deadly, highly venomous snake, and there is no anti venom if bitten. We phoned the snake removal guy in our area. He arrived with two snake catching gadgets. That's all. So we asked where he was going to put the snake once he had caught it. Oh, he said - he hadn't thought of that and asked for an old pillow case.
He was amazing to watch. He said he had a few calls in our area for spitting cobra's, black and green mambas and now this Twig snake.
He was so pleased with it saying it was a beautiful specimen. It was getting fat on all the birds in our garden and come to think of it my lizard family has disappeared. I was enjoying watching the baby grow. He used to run along the wall eating the ants.

       The Lords Prayer - printed on the snake catchers T-shirt 

                      I finally figured how to add text to my photos

baby lizard

A visitor left his skin behind!
I ended up dreaming of snakes.  My husband was killing a red snake with a bush knife, and when it was dead he sliced it up with a machete! ugh.

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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Wishing for cooler weather

 I have finished the quilting on my Friendship quilt and NYB and can finally put them away. I have two more  tops to quilt. I have also stitched 5 blocks of " take time to " BOM - 4 more blocks to go and still have to       complete # 6 of  Raggedy.  It is so hot here, unbearable, humid and sticky. I just don't have the energy to do anything so I am off to cool down under a tree with my foot spa, filled with ice cold water and ice cubes, a tall cool drink and a good book! :)