Thursday, June 25, 2015

Winter but it feels like Summer

Nearly finished the quilting on the Life of Plenty quilt - one more border to go and then the binding. Its been so hot here lately that it feels like Summer without the humidity. 29C temperatures most days - just cold-ish in the mornings. Two weeks ago we had gale force winds that blew over a small tree. We cut it up into manageable pieces then took it to the municipal dump and because its so dry ( lots of veld fires) we decided to do a good clean up, pruning all the shrubs and remove dead wood and plants.  Four bakkie loads last week and two yesterday. Its back breaking work. I'm full of cuts and scratches on my arms and legs. We are experiencing drought conditions- the worst since 1991. No rain in months. Certain areas are on water restrictions.  We have been asked to conserve every drop as there are only two months supply remaining.  I hope it rains soon - we already have to contend with load shedding, two hours a day. 

Aloes flower in midwinter, dripping with nectar just when the sunbirds and bees need it most