Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Clutter Quilting Peppadews

Inspired by the book Clear your Clutter by Karen Kingston I started the year off by clearing out cupboards. Its amazing how much stuff we collect/hoard over the years. 12 bags of paper went into recycling, boxes of books and magazines,clothes,crockery etc went to the charity shop. Why do I need 15 vases?! I kept one. As I was clearing, I found things I had forgotten about and clothes still with the price tags attached that I had never worn. Now, when I open the cupboards I can see/find everything. No more surprises!
It feels like 40C today- no energy!

Several tops need quilting . I moved my machine to the dining table, its a spacious 8 seater, much more comfortable than at the small table in my sewing room, and started on the raggedy quilt, doing a little quilting every morning. By 9am its too hot and humid to quilt. I just have the border to quilt and the binding to sew on then I will have 6 tops left to quilt.

Peppadews growing wild in my garden, they are everywhere. Delicious stuffed with cream cheese, on sandwiches, pizza, in salads. I have preserved enough and left the rest to dry on the plants, there's just too much.

Books I have enjoyed,
Secret son - Melissa Dien
The lollipop shoes - Joanne Harris
The Partisans Daughter - Louis De Bernieres
Talking to Heaven - James Van Praagh
Inner Tranquility - Darren Main
Clear you Clutter - Karen Kingston
The Next Always - Nora Roberts -Book One of the Inn at Boonsboro Trilogy