Monday, March 29, 2010

Thrift shop

Most Wednesdays my sister and I head off to our favourite  thrift shop, this week rummaging amongst the books I found this for R1.00

ok thats better, can you see the needle.
There are 5 pages and each page holds 6 colours - there's a stamp on the inside says -made in England patent applied for 30577/33. I'm not taking a chance washing the cover just in case it shrinks. (looks like linen but I'm not sure)
I love this booklet, neat and compact to carry around in my stitching bag. I'm off to wind on the rest of my colours.

PS: Hi, to my newest followers Barb and Mary.


  1. That is beautiful. I wouldn't take a chance at washing it either.

  2. Excellent find - it's beautiful! If you ever do wash it, do it by hand in cold and dry flat - but if you don't need to, then don't.

  3. That is an excellent find! Enjoy!