Monday, October 18, 2010

Finished the pin pillow,  really enjoyed making it. Also block 3 of  Raggedy done.

Bought some fabric for the Raggedy quilt - 1 metre/ 39 inches of each.

Hi and welcome to my newest follower, Cathy.


  1. What a sweet little pillow!

    Your fabrics for the Raggedy quilt are great. I just finished my third block as well and am looking forward to #4.

  2. Hi Fleurette, I just finished that raggedy panel with the watermelon yesterday! I did my doll in red like yours and did the watermelon in green along with the bird. Very nice!

    I love the pin pillow! Do you hang it up like here to put pins in?

  3. Your pin pillow looks very cute! You did a wonderful job.
    Love the fabrics you bought for the raggedy quilt. I am counting down the hours already for #4. Can't wait! I am enjoying this BOM.

  4. It's darling!!! Did you use the colored pencils? I'm still playing with those before I start stitching, lol. Love your Raggedy's too, and the fabric you got to go with them is PERFECT!

  5. I love your fabrics...just beautiful!

  6. Hello Fleurette,
    I like the Raggedy Bom too, but I don't have the time to make it yet. If I onlye did not had to work...
    I like the little pin pillow too. That's one thing that's on my to-do-list. But you know, time.....

  7. Love those fabric. If you are interested to swap with me who live in Thailand,please let me know.


  8. Pincushion is lovely !!!