Monday, January 10, 2011

Happy New Year!

Wishing everyone a wonderful 2011.
All my plans to finish a few quilts before Christmas fell by the wayside. December was hectic, moving my son to Cape Town.  The rain hasn't let up and we have floods in most parts of SA. All our dams are full. Driving to Cape Town in heavy rain and thick mist was nerve wracking, we saw a horrific accident.

I love the Garden Route, the scenery is simply stunning!  Famous holiday hot spots are along this route. Noted for the best beach parties and excellent surfing conditions, its always crowded.

Wonderful 3 weeks in Cape Town, perfect sunny weather.Today however, everything is back to normal. My husband  is back at work, my gardener is back from holiday and has a lot of gardening to keep him busy.  After all the rain we have had, the garden looks like a jungle, so overgrown.

Here are some things I made in November;

 Inspired by Blossom's design at Among the Gum Trees 

 Using my scraps, I made a few mug rugs

and block # 5 of Raggedy

PS: I'm so happy, I have new followers. Hi and welcome!


  1. Happy New Year!! Yuck on the floods - is it still raining?? Please be safe!
    Love what you've made - glad to see you home!

  2. What lovely beadwork. I am trying real hard on to do some beading, but I can't seem to get the hang of it.
    We heard that the West Coast was extreamly dry, and then suddenly started raining heavily. Good that the dams are full. Now to get the flooded areas dried up again...
    Well done on the Raggedy # 5 stitcheries.
    Love those mug rugs!!! The are just the cutest.

  3. Love the mug rugs! They are so fun. Your redwork is wonderful. Hope that the rain has ended and that the flooding is subsiding.

    Stay safe and have a super great day.

  4. Happy New Year to you too! I love your mug rugs..Very pretty!

  5. Love the mug rugs and your redwork. The "Keep It Simple" stitchery is very nice...Simplify is my word for 2011. Reading this was a good reminder!