Thursday, June 30, 2011

I love having my son home; we miss him so much when he is away at varsity. He is home on a 6 week break 10 June – 25 July.
I have been cooking and baking – all his favourites, trying to fatten him up. Needless to say not a bit of sewing is being done, enjoying him while I can.

My Raggedy quilt top is done

And I tried the Saral tracing paper – so much easier! Love it!

Its winter here, cold in the evenings and this afghan that I crocheted years ago is my favourite to use while watching TV.

 With so much going on while my son is home I have a huge backlog of blog reading to catch up on -so off to do some reading:)


  1. I can imagine what fun it is to have your son home. I doubt that much sewing could be happening with all of the entertaining you must be enjoying.

    Your Raggedy quilt top looks fabulous! What a fun project!!

    The afghan is beautiful. I have one similar to that made by my husband's aunt. They are so warm and comfortable.

  2. I'm glad to hear you son is home on break. My son is home right now too from Iraq. Sadly he'll have to go back on the 11th for six more months.

    P.S. Gorgeous afghan!

  3. Who needs to sew when your son is home - enjoy him! I love your raggedy - and I really need to try that saral paper! Love that afghan, I have a few of them myself but with temps going tropical this week, I'm leaving them in the cupboard!

  4. So glad that your son is home for break. Enjoy, Enjoy! Love your quilt top! Your afghan looks warm for chilly nights at home.

    Have a super great visit with your son.

  5. Usually when I try to fatten up a son, the only one that gets fattened up is me.... Glad you are enjoying your the projects you have shown.

  6. Hope you had a great time with your "little one" ;-) home!!!
    The afghan and Raggedy quilt top are lovely!
    Thanks for the review on the Saral tracing paper... I sent for a sample a while back and haven't had the chance to try it yet.
    Lovely stitchery... I have that BOM saved ;-).