Thursday, October 27, 2011

That time of year again.

Fireworks, heatwave, snakes, afternoon storms. Diwali, and the fireworks sound louder this year - my poor dogs ears. My neighbour sent over delicious sweetmeats. While talking to my gardener on Monday I felt a light movement on my foot, it was an adder. I just flicked it off, it disappeared among the plants - that's the third snake Ive seen already and its only spring but very hot. Recently, at midday it went completely dark, then lightening, thunder and heavy rain. Suzi, Sasha and I dived under my quilt, sweating and praying. What a terrible storm. I don't like lightening.
I've taken a break from blanket stitching my funky flowers. I wanted to do a bit of piecing and to use the pack of shweshwe squares that I bought more than a year ago. I cut 3 1/2 inch strips and sewed them to the 5" squares in a log cabin style.

                           each square has a different design

                                            All done - 49 blocks

A loud hoot at the gate. It was the post office van delivering  this wonderful package.

                                            Thank you so much Anne!                         
               A gorgeous jelly roll from Anne at Bunny Hill Designs
                                           Puttin On The Ritz

I had such fun on the Moda Country Fair blog hop, I won this gorgeous jelly roll on Anne's giveaway day. My very first jelly roll, so beautiful I love the colours.  I love her fabric and designs and I love reading her blog. 
Go and take a look at Anne's new fabric line"Ooh La La",  its fabulous and her new baby quilt designs are adorable and I just love her new block of the month Merry Merry Snowmen-love red.

Congratulations Elzaan! you have won the My Memories Suite digital software. You are going to love this package. Look out for my email :-))


  1. Such a lovely jelly roll! You are going to have lots of fun with that,I'm sure.
    Are you going to embroider a specific pattern on the shweshwe, or leave it as it is?
    Not good if you had 3 snakes already, and it is only spring. I must say that our weather is also very hot for spring. It makes me nervous...
    Can't wait to start playing with the Memories Suite! Thanks Fleurette for the change to have entered.

  2. Congrats on your win, love the roll....and your squares!

  3. Congrats on the win! Lovely fabrics in that jelly roll. I like the blocks you've been making, simple and interesting! Too hot here these days, wind straigt from Equator and no wind, except for today. I don't like thunderstorms either, but right now I long for RAIN! Too many firecrackers here yesterday too, our poor dogs and cat!

  4. I would not be a happy person with snakes either!!! Eew.

    I love your blocks and the jelly roll.

  5. Yeah, like you we had a doozie of a storm UP here last week... knocked out the DSTV box.... so we haven't had TV for a week!!!! Oh well, maybe I'll get in tomorrow! Stay cool....

  6. AN ADDER?????????? ON YOUR FOOT?????????? I don't know much about snakes, I'll grant you that, but isn't that a deadly thing? Oh girl. I'm going to faint.
    Your quilt blocks are so beautiful - love the blue and white! Congratulations on your win, I love her fabric too. And congrats to Elzaan!

  7. Yuck-snakes are not my favorite animal. The blue and white blocks look great. Congratulations on your jelly roll win :)

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