Thursday, December 1, 2011

Durban Hosts COP17

What  a violent storm we had on Sunday night with heavy rain that caused flooding and extreme damage to hundreds of homes, several people where killed when their houses collapsed. Not normal weather for this time of year.  More than 20,000 delegates from 190 countries have arrived in Durban for COP 17, the 17th session of climate talks. Everyone is trying to catch a glimpse of famous people like Angelina Jolie, Leonardo di Caprio, U2's Bono, Al Gore, Richard Branson and Prince Albert. I'm staying home and avoiding the crowds.
My sewing machine died in the middle of quilting my funky flowers quilt - will have to take it in for a service tomorrow.

Finished these two stitcheries from Red Brolly and Bronwyn has posted the final stitchery on her blog - button on my sidebar.

October/November is fete season.  I found this lovely bright bag at our local fete. Its fully lined and perfect for my take along projects like my stitching and knitting.

I couldn't make this for R4.00 = spacious 15x19"
I was given a new knitting pattern- jumpers for aids babies.

Very easy pattern, its knitted all in one and I have 7 ready to go.Families are so poor their babies are sent home wrapped in newspaper.

Books I have read lately..
Bruno Chief of Police - Martin Walker
Fault Lines - Nancy Huston
The French Gardener - Sante Montfiore
The Soul Connection - Anne Jones
La Cucina - Lily Prior
Angels in my Hair - Lorna Byrne

Late Season - Christobel Kent - read by Karen Cass
A Handful of Honey - Annie Hawes - read by Rula Lenska


  1. Oh no that storm sounds terrible!! I'd be avoiding the crowds too, I'm not star-struck, lol. I'd rather not see them at all, not even on my tv. Your stitcheries are really darling, and the little knitted jumpers are too sweet! How horrific that babies get sent home wrapped in newspaper.

  2. Why do they always have such strange weather when the climate meetings are happening?

    I love your adorable stitcheries. Are you going to make a quilt with them?

    Your little jumpers are darling and such pretty, soft colors.

  3. So sorry to hear about the storms. Needled Mom asks a good question. Hope recovery is going smoothly. Love your stitching! Wonderful designs! Lovely little jumpers for the babies. Your work will be greatly appreciated.

    Have a super great sewing and stitching and knitting day.