Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Pickles and Preserves

August - the last month of winter and our windy month. We have had a fabulous winter, warm and sunny during the day.  My lemon, kumquat and lime trees were laden with fruit. There was more than enough to share with family, friends, neighbours, passers by and even the monkeys, lol. So I have been preserving and pickling. Made lemon curd, delicious on toast, crumpets and scones, also kumquat jam and I preserved some in brandy and some in a light sugar syrup. Lemons preserved in salt and a lemon pickle from a recipe I found on the web. Loved having my son home for mid year break.



We have been tidying up the garden, its so dry. Pruning and cutting back shrubs and woody perennials, raking up tons of leaves - it seemed like tons, cleaning out the gutters, preparing for spring rains. Not a bit of sewing since my table runner and its still a flimsy but I have started the stitching on a beautiful free pattern - The Wish Quilt  from Red Brolly Designs

Been reading a lot and enjoying the gorgeous winter sun.

Drinking from the dragons well - Alex Smith
Playing sardines - Michele Roberts
The kitchen congregation - Nora Seton
Almost French - Sarah Turnbull
Tales from the time loop - David Icke
The power - Rhona Byrne
Meditation prayer and affirmations - Edgar Cayce
Infinite love is the only truth everything else is illusion - David Icke
The forgotten waltz - Anne Enright
The dancer from Khiva - Bibish
Toast - Nigel Slater


  1. Mmm... I adore kumquats, but they are very expensive here.

  2. Oh, I love to preserve if I get the chance. Not so much for winter, but to have something quick and cold for summer! I love the photo of your "neighbour" :)
    Cute stitcheries.

  3. Wow. Just wow. Look at your garden. In WINTER. I'm so jealous, lol! Love the monkey. I love that free pattern, but I'll probably never get to it...you're doing so well!

  4. It is wonderful to have enough to share and can as well. I love the picture of the monkey enjoying the fruits of your harvest.

    That is a wonderful embroidery. Thanks for the link.

  5. You have been one busy lady. Love all that you have made in the kitchen. Sounds tasty. Great reading list and wonderful, super great embroidery. Fun little helper for the yard as well.

    Have a super great sewing and stitching day!