Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Clutter Quilting Peppadews

Inspired by the book Clear your Clutter by Karen Kingston I started the year off by clearing out cupboards. Its amazing how much stuff we collect/hoard over the years. 12 bags of paper went into recycling, boxes of books and magazines,clothes,crockery etc went to the charity shop. Why do I need 15 vases?! I kept one. As I was clearing, I found things I had forgotten about and clothes still with the price tags attached that I had never worn. Now, when I open the cupboards I can see/find everything. No more surprises!
It feels like 40C today- no energy!

Several tops need quilting . I moved my machine to the dining table, its a spacious 8 seater, much more comfortable than at the small table in my sewing room, and started on the raggedy quilt, doing a little quilting every morning. By 9am its too hot and humid to quilt. I just have the border to quilt and the binding to sew on then I will have 6 tops left to quilt.

Peppadews growing wild in my garden, they are everywhere. Delicious stuffed with cream cheese, on sandwiches, pizza, in salads. I have preserved enough and left the rest to dry on the plants, there's just too much.

Books I have enjoyed,
Secret son - Melissa Dien
The lollipop shoes - Joanne Harris
The Partisans Daughter - Louis De Bernieres
Talking to Heaven - James Van Praagh
Inner Tranquility - Darren Main
Clear you Clutter - Karen Kingston
The Next Always - Nora Roberts -Book One of the Inn at Boonsboro Trilogy


  1. See just what I said about a the yard!!! Cool or should I say hot?

  2. I've been cleaning out closets does feel great.

    Looks like a great setup for quilting.

  3. I need to start cleaning out my closets to. It is amazing how much stuff we store and don't need and how much room we have after getting rid of clutter.

  4. Hi I've come over to follow you :) I'm very envious of your heat - it's snowing here!

  5. I need to do the same thing...clean out the clutter.

    Have fun quilting those six quilts!

  6. If I asked nicely and would pay you for your shipping costs (simple small mailing envelope as in a No. 8 security envelope or something like that, and a regular piece of paper used as a packet), could you please send me any extra peppadew seeds you don't need? I am hooked on those things and LOVE them lol Thanks, if you can :)

    1. I am replying here as you are listed as a no reply blogger so please click on the green email button in my sidebar and email me your postal address. I will gladly send you some seeds.