Tuesday, July 30, 2013

My Winter Garden

Although it's mid winter here, Saturday was 27C. We are so lucky to have mild sunny winters and its no wonder our winter slogan is " Durban, the warmest place to be "
My daughter arrives today for two weeks, so excited! There won't be much sewing being done.

chillies drying in the sun

I am off to the airport to fetch my daughter,  yaaay!!


  1. Beautiful 'winter' garden. Nice and sunny weather here too and not too hot, wonderful! Enjoy your daughter's visit.

  2. Awesome garden... and the temps are the best...in Durban... even if it is a bit breezy! I do miss the flat....on the beach.

  3. You have such beautiful colors in your winter garden.

    Enjoy your visit with your daughter.