Monday, December 23, 2013

Flowers and Stars

I have finished all my Christmas shopping, just have to wrap presents, then I'm done. I have family staying from overseas and my daughter arrives on Tuesday. Its been a few years since the whole family celebrated Christmas together. Looking forward to it.
I am still making stars. I only made 3 in this size.

2" papers

These are my Downton Abbey hexies... lol. that is the only time I make them and I cant wait for the new season to start in January.

Oh, and I have pin basted the Wish quilt but still have not started the quilting.

                               These are small stars 1" papers

This is the pattern I am using. Its from the Australian Patchwork and Quilting Magazine Vol 9 No 4
An ongoing project, and I am using fabric from my scrap basket


                                14 stars and 26 hexies per strip     

 I crocheted a blanket for my girls, Suzi and Sasha, and made two blankets.


  1. I see you are keeping busy... 'the girls' will be happy to snuggle. Our weather here (winter-which should be much colder) feels like your winter in Durbs! Not a real complaint!!!

  2. Seems like you never slow down! Have a great Christmas with your family!

  3. You are keeping busy! Sounds like a great Christmas celebration at your house. Love all your stars and hexagons! Good work, well done! Love the crocheted, love the color, so cheery!

    Have a super great sewing and stitching day!!