Saturday, February 7, 2015

2015 Challenge

Christmas is just a lovely memory and January has gone in the blink of an eye. Children have returned to Cape Town and I am home alone again but not for long. My husband retires in May, I can't wait.  Challenge to myself this year is to learn needle turn applique. I think I have watched every needle turn video tutorial on Youtube. I decided to join Jeni's lovely sew along, A life of plenty. It has piecing and applique. I have needle turned 3 blocks using the back basting method. I tried to get smooth round edges but as you can see there are a few wonky places especially on the basket.

 And I have prepped my pieces for 3 sets of flying geese. Also enjoying that lovely quilting book.

Lots of lovely applique BOM's this year. I'm loving these,

Lancaster Co by Christy at Sycamore Hill Quilts
Oma's Blues by  Esther Aliu
Past Reflections by Wendy at  Legends and Lace
Bountiful Baskets by Pearl at  P3Designs
Be Happy by Erin at One Piece at a Time

Wishing everyone a wonderful year of quilting.


  1. I would love to be good at needle turn applique too. Good luck with your new quilting adventure.

  2. Keep practicing.... just like everything else in life... you get better the more you do. On the curves take slightly shorter stitches and you will get smoother curves.

  3. Great work on your first set of needle turn applique. It is looking really well, even the basket.
    Erin from One Piece at a Time has some excellent tips and tricks (if you haven't read them all already) and Joanne from Applique Today ( has some pointers too.

  4. That sounds like a nice sew along. Your applique has turned out beautifully :)