Monday, May 25, 2015

May is the best month of Autumn

 Warm sunny days..just gorgeous weather. I have been reading in the sun, pottering in the garden, dry leaves everywhere, lots of butterflies around. Lately I have been watching a pair of birds prepare for winter. At first I thought they were eating insects off  a dead tree stump. A few days later I was amazed to see the head disappear into the stump, so I watched them everyday. They made great progress working steadily taking turns removing the softwood. Then they were in!

I was quilting my Life of plenty quilt when I ran out of cream thread. I was really in the mood to quilt so I scratched around in my UFO bin and pulled out this top that I had finished in 2012 . It is now quilted, bound and labeled. 
Coffee with Geta

 Books I have read lately...                                                                                                      
Out of a Clear Sky - Sally Hinchcliffe
The Beacon - Susan Hill
Beauty for Ashes - Dorothy Clark
My Journey to Heaven - Marvin J Bestman
Ties that Bind - Catherine Deveney
Married to Bhuton - Linda Leaming
The butterfly Month - Ariella Kornmehl
The book of Transformation - Lisa Barretta
A Happy Human Brain - Pierre Van Der Spuy
October - Zoe Wicomb
Spit 'N Polish - Barry Ronge
Tinkers - Paul Harding
Peaches for Monsieur Le Cure - Joanne Harris
An Unfinished Business - Boualem Sansal
The Invention of Wings - Sue Monk Kidd
Getting to Manana - Miranda Innes



  1. How fun it must have been to have watched the little birds. Are they Flickers?

    Nice finish on the coffee quilt.

  2. May is a lovely here (in the UK) too. Everything is young and freshly green. Your bird photos are great and I like your quilt finish. Now you and the birds can be warm for the Winter!

  3. I love your coffee quilt, nice idea, looks so pretty.
    Your pictures of the birds are just great, nice observation, thank you for sharing.