Wednesday, January 13, 2010

I Won..

A set of beautiful note cards.Jaqueline's quilts are stunning. I love the bright colours she uses and her amazing designs. Will I ever, in my lifetime make such exquisite quilts..  at least one, SIGH !!!

Meet Jacqueline de Jonge

Several Quilt Markets ago, I had the pleasure of meeting Jacqueline de Jonge, the amazing designer of the Be Colourful patterns. Her foundation-pieced designs are full of rich, vibrant colors. I caught up with her in Houston at Quilt Market and asked her to be a guest blogger for us. She also gave me some of her patterns and a set of note cards to give away on this blog. Leave a comment telling us your favorite color combinations to work with in a quilt, and I’ll randomly draw 5 names on Tuesday, November 10th around noon. Each winner will receive one of Jacqueline’s patterns or the set of note cards.Jacqueline de Jonge with her award winning quilt, Listen With Your Eyes

Jacqueline de Jonge with her award winning quilt, Listen With Your Eyes
Check out her site and all her wonderful  I copied this from Quiltypleasures


  1. Congrats on your win!!!!! Wow those quilts are amazing....I know I'll never make one like that, but I sure love to look at them! I wonder how long it takes to make just one.

  2. Well done, now you are winning things, Yes those quilts are stunning, waiting in line for mine.
    By the way I won as well 15kg Hills dog food for a story in Animal Talk, Letter of the month for Feb so go out and get it.