Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Look what landed in my trees

Its been very hot these past two days. Sunday morning sat on the verandah to enjoy my cup of tea and was surprised to see these birds - I dont know what they're called as its the first time ive seen them .
We have some unusual looking birds visit our garden lately and I think its because their habitats have been destroyed. Thousands of acres cleared to make way for the new King Shaka airport. Such a shame!
click on pictures to view close up
                                          While I was watching them this guy arrived

                                   dashed inside for my camera ,he wasnt a bit concerned about me being there snapping away and even started showing off, he turned around,stretching his wings and posed like this for ages.

We enjoyed watching them and all the other smaller birds that are here everyday.
It was too hot  and humid to do anything so indulged in my favourites

                                     and enjoyed paging through this lovely book

Time to watch Lark rise to Candleford followed by Cranford on BBC entertainment. I love Judi Dench.


  1. What a cool looking bird! I wonder what he is? I'm glad he stayed to have his picture taken!

    Oh I love that bag - I'll have to get that book one of these days!

  2. I know the name of the birds but just cant think of them right now, will let you know when I remember.
    The bottom one is a stork of some kind.

  3. Fleur it's the Hammerkop. we used to have them on the farm.