Thursday, February 17, 2011


Around 5pm last night there was a lovely cool gentle breeze, so I decided to walk around the garden. My gardenia shrub had a few dried flower heads, I started pulling off a few when I saw a movement out of the corner of my eye - it was a snake. I turned and ran inside grabbed my camera and shouted to my husband to come see, and to identify it.
We hadn't seen one like it before, it looked like one of the dried branches. He went off to google it and came back quietly telling me to "get inside".
It is a deadly, highly venomous snake, and there is no anti venom if bitten. We phoned the snake removal guy in our area. He arrived with two snake catching gadgets. That's all. So we asked where he was going to put the snake once he had caught it. Oh, he said - he hadn't thought of that and asked for an old pillow case.
He was amazing to watch. He said he had a few calls in our area for spitting cobra's, black and green mambas and now this Twig snake.
He was so pleased with it saying it was a beautiful specimen. It was getting fat on all the birds in our garden and come to think of it my lizard family has disappeared. I was enjoying watching the baby grow. He used to run along the wall eating the ants.

       The Lords Prayer - printed on the snake catchers T-shirt 

                      I finally figured how to add text to my photos

baby lizard

A visitor left his skin behind!
I ended up dreaming of snakes.  My husband was killing a red snake with a bush knife, and when it was dead he sliced it up with a machete! ugh.

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  1. Oh my goodness!!!! That deadly thing really does look like a twig. I'm glad that you didn't grad hold of it.

  2. Lucky you noticed it!! It is rather pretty - tho deadly!!!. He did seem content in your garden- I guess you will look twice now before pruning!!!

  3. Excuse me while I pass out - egads! No anti-venom! Deadly! SNAKE! I'm so, so glad you noticed him and didn't get bitten!!!!!

  4. Indeed it looks like a twig! I'm so glad you discovered it! Fortunate we don't have any poisonous snakes here. Ooh that lizard baby is cute! We have those small lizards here, and I love watching them, they are so cute! But I don't like them when they look for food in the kitchen! :)

  5. Those pics are incredible. I have always hated snakes.

  6. Oh my!!!! It does look like a twig!!! What a relieve that you were cautious.
    I don't have anything against nature critters , just that I do not want them to close to me ;-).

  7. I am so glad that you were so cautious around that critter. I am so fearful of snakes that I would have someone come and get it without wanting to know anything about it. You are so brave.

    Have a super great sewing day, brave girl.

  8. omg! It really does look like a twig. We don't have that many poisonous snakes here - Rattlers I think are the only ones on the west coast. I can't imagine doing gardening and cutting out dead limbs (which that snake looked like!) and dying from it!

    So glad you stopped by my blog. I'm going to be a new follower of yours - half way around the world!

    Happy Easter to you, too!

  9. So glad my friend Janet (right above me) told me about your blog. Good thing you noticed it was a snake! I have never heard of a twig snake either! I am now a follower, stop by and say hello.

    Kim, from the Texas Gulf Coast

  10. Hi Fleur, just read some of your posts, but the Twig snake really caught my eye, Lucky you that you did not grab that twig, Now just leave the trees alone, remember snakes always travel in pairs. So be careful.
    Keep well and I will keep reading even if I don't comment each time.